Zenith distance

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Less than two minutes later, the flight paths of Dash land Dash 2 merged in a co-altitude, right-to-right pass, at a separation of approximately 41 feet.
I soon realized it was a DHS aerostat that appeared to be co-altitude with our T-44.
Johnson noticed a Link-16 track from another MQ-1B operating co-altitude in the same airspace as her own aircraft.
Failure to clear the extended final approach leg to look for aircraft flying a larger pattern than yours before starting your base-to-final turn gives adequate opportunity for co-speed, co-altitude aircraft to get into each other's way.
But at high altitudes it's easy to perceive traffic that is safely below us as being co-altitude and a collision threat.
The exact cause of this error is unclear, but basic knowledge of the BARALT's pitot-static system tells us that the static port of the BARALT system must be experiencing an artificially high local pressure compared to the co-altitude ambient air pressure.
But, if you wait to brief your passengers on how to spot traffic until ATC calls something co-altitude at twelve o'clock and less than a mile, you've waited way too long.
You and all of your co-altitude traffic will still be flying at a pressure altitude of 30,000 feet.
We were transiting out of Joshua's airspace, and I was about to pull an Oakland center frequency from the onboard GPS when we saw birds flocking co-altitude abeam Mammoth Airport (KMMH).