or co·an·chor (kō-ăng′kər)
Either of two news commentators jointly narrating or coordinating a newscast.
v. co-an·chored, co-an·chor·ing, co-an·chors or co·an·chored or co·an·chor·ing or co·an·chors
To narrate or coordinate a newscast with another person.
To narrate or coordinate (a newscast) with another person.
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No one will say for sure, but Baker has been spending the week alongside Erin Kennedy as co-anchor of CBS-owned WBBM-Channel 2's weekday morning newscast, Robert Feder writes.
This is the first marriage for 36-year-old Jost, the co-anchor of Saturday Night Live's Weekend Update.
Noticias 45 Primera Hora on KXLN is led by Karina Yapor and co-anchor Nathaly Alcala.
Summary: TV show co-anchor said she had to keep calm so she could continue the interview
Since 2007, Lenz has been the co-anchor for the 6 in the Morning program on KOTV, Tulsa.
Carlson rose to prominence over a decade ago at Fox News, first as a co-anchor at Fox and Friends before going on to anchor her own show, The Real Story.
We should serve wholeheartedly because it's really hard to be a public servant,' Roxas told Robredo and co-anchor broadcaster Ely Saludar.
A former Nightline co-anchor, Abrams is the chief legal affairs correspondent for ABC News and CEO/ Founder of Abrams Media.
Speaking about the announcement, Ciara said: "I'm delighted to become the new co-anchor and join such a fantastic team.
Long-standing European anchor Manus Cranny (R) relocates to Dubai from London to co-anchor the channel's new primetime morning show with Yousef Gamal El-Din.
The move comes two weeks after Hoda Kotb was officially named co-anchor of the morning news show, having filled in temporarily since Matt Lauer was fired in November.