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or co·an·chor (kō-ăng′kər)
Either of two news commentators jointly narrating or coordinating a newscast.
v. co-an·chored, co-an·chor·ing, co-an·chors or co·an·chored or co·an·chor·ing or co·an·chors
To narrate or coordinate a newscast with another person.
To narrate or coordinate (a newscast) with another person.
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Reporter Mike Puccinelli has been co-anchoring with Kennedy since March.
Kelly-Ann, 37, describes it as "co-anchoring with a twist".
Co-anchoring the new look show is a big promotion for Kelly-Ann, whereas John has seen the tea-time news through various incarnations and knows there will be more to come.
But since she is now co-anchoring the show alongside Guthrie, she's ready to take on new challenges and responsibilities.
Matt Templeman and Renee McCullough, former anchors at KMTR NewsSource, will begin co-anchoring KEZI evening news broadcasts starting June 27, KEZI announced Friday.
He will continue leading the "You Paid for It" investigative team and will also continue co-anchoring evening newscasts on Friday and Saturday.
Currently co-anchoring "WCBS 2 News This Morning," Sullivan toured Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island, The Bronx and Brooklyn offering up one feature per week on each borough.
Ten-time Emmy-winning journo David Brinkley, known for his acerbic wit, acute news analysis and idiocyncratic speaking style while co-anchoring NBC's innovative nightly "Huntley-Brinkly Report," died June 11 at his home in Houston of complications from a fall.
In the 1980s, with David Hartman and Joan Lunden co-anchoring the show, "GMA" not only led the morning, but it led the way to growing a daypart that hadn't really been that profitable for the networks.