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or co-host (kō′hōst′)
A joint host, as of a social event.
tr.v. co·host·ed, co·host·ing, co·hosts or co-host·ed or co-host·ing or co-hosts
To serve as a joint host of: cohosted an awards ceremony.


(v. koʊˈhoʊst, ˈkoʊˌhoʊst; n. ˈkoʊˌhoʊst)

v.t., v.i.
1. to host (a program) jointly with another.
2. a person who co-hosts.
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South Korea and Japan co-hosted the event in 2002, the only time the World Cup has been staged in more than one country.
Johnny Vaughan is second for Channel 4's The Big Breakfast, which he co-hosted with Denise Van Outen.
v=RgGLnaS7smE) Late Night With Seth Meyers ," the "Live With Kelly and Ryan" co-host recalled the time Trump co-hosted her show back in 2006.
With Regis and Kelly"--the syndicated series Philbin co-hosted for nearly 30 years--was ratings gold for one of the talkiest of talkshows.
MTV's Chris Connelly views the ceremony, co-hosted by ``Saturday Night Live's'' Jimmy Fallon and ``Bring It On'' actress Kirsten Dunst, as a ``whoopie cushion under the seat of Hollywood awards shows.
The workshops are designed to lead into COLLABORATE 07: Technology and Applications Forum for the Oracle Community, which will be co-hosted by the OAUG, the Independent Oracle Users Group and Quest International Users Group in Las Vegas, April 15-19, 2007.
Others who have co-hosted a large number of times have included (http://www.
a second preshow co-hosted by actress Geena Davis and CNN entertainment reporter Jim Moret.
Webinar Co-Hosted by Business Finance Magazine to Introduce the Topic of Pretexting and Deliver Framework for Managing all Related Issues
Since Strahan's exit from the show, Ripa has co-hosted "Live
The 3-hour gala extravaganza was co-hosted by internationally acclaimed actress/singer Lucero along with best-selling salsa singer/songwriter and current Latin GRAMMY nominee Victor Manuelle, and featured 12 exciting musical numbers spanning the rich spectrum of Latin music.
The telegenic former defensive end has also already proved his on-air chemistry with Ripa, wowing the crowd during a June episode he guest co-hosted, when ripped off his pants and entertained viewers with a (http://www.