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cooperative [kəʊˈɒpərətɪv]
[activity, effort, enterprise] → coopératif/ive; [relationship] → coopératif/ive
(= helpful) [person] → coopératif/ive
n (= collective) → coopérative f


(kəuˈopəreit) verb
to work together. They have promised to co-operate (with us) in the planning of the exhibition.
co-opeˈration noun
1. the act of working together.
2. willingness to act or work together. I would be grateful for your co-operation.
co-ˈoperative (-tiv) adjective
a helpful and co-operative pupil.
References in classic literature ?
.there is little we cannot do in a host of co-operative ventures.
What about your co-operative settlement, and your work on the estate, and your book?..."
To Lucas, the religious zealot, the co-operative commonwealth was the New Jerusalem, the kingdom of Heaven, which is "within you." To the other, Socialism was simply a necessary step toward a far-distant goal, a step to be tolerated with impatience.
Now set aside the modern system of pneumatic house-cleaning, and the economies of co-operative cooking; and consider one single item, the washing of dishes.
If I was a co-operative stores and family hotel combined, I might be able to oblige you.
They're a co-operative crowd, you know, an organized business corporation, fore and aft, all hands and the cook.
This co-operative measure was not to be mentioned to Lydgate, and Mr.
The research for this paper was carried out in the period between mid-October and the end of December, 2011 and it included 228 respondents - co-operative members from 11 co-operatives.
"Supporting local communities has been an inherent part of The Co-operative's values and principles since the very beginning of the Co-operative Movement.
Machynlleth renewables specialists Dulas, dairy producers Calon Wen and packing specialists Primepac Solutions will be joining the Wales Co-operative Centre and The Co-operative Group at the International Co-operative Alliance's (ICA) conference.
Co-operative Insurance, headquartered in Middlebury, Vt., is an association of three Vermont-based co-operative fire-insurance companies: the Patrons Co-operative Fire Insurance Company, the Farmers Co-operative Fire Insurance Company, and the Rural Co-operative Fire Insurance Company.
For a free guide to planning ahead from The Co-operative Wills and Funeral Planning visit or call their friendly UK team on 0800 023 4710.

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