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n.1.A joint regent or ruler.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Zita Rohr's essay shifts the reader's attention to the exceptional case of Yolande of Aragon and her semi-nomadic life as co-regent and ruler of Angevin lands in the early fifteenth century.
There, the controversial king built the city of Akhetaten (present day Amarna) and together with his co-regent Nefertiti created a revolution in art, culture, architecture, religion, and thought.
The respected abbot served as a royal advisor, judge of Parlement, diplomat, and co-regent for Louis IX and Philip III.
Cleopatra VII was the last queen of the Ptolemaic dynasty, ruling as co-regent with her son, Ptolemy XV.
This 18th dynasty pharaoh reigned for 17 years, founded the new City of Akhetaten (now the archeological dig El-Amarna), and inaugurated with his co-regent Nefertiti a monotheistic religion devoted to Aten or light, the worship of which (along with a regal malformation perhaps) led to an extreme aesthetic of elongated facial and body affectations.
She was the only one of his wives and concubines to give him a son, the future Tung-chih (or Tongzhi) emperor, and when the little boy succeeded his father at the age of six in 1861, she as co-regent made herself the effective ruler of the country.
This was particularly the case after the disastrous end of the regime of Otto II, when his widow, the Byzantine princess Theophanu, served as co-regent of Germany with Adelheid on behalf of her child, Otto III.
Now we can at last see the full significance of Nefertiti's role as co-regent and later Pharaoh of Egypt.
A rebellious teenager whose mother died when he was twenty, Maximilian served in the army of his uncle Emperor Charles V as a cavalry division commander in the 1540s before briefly ruling as co-regent in Spain with his wife, Charles V's daughter Marfa.
The year before he had wed Maria Theresa of Austria and ruled Austria with her as co-regent from 1740 to 1745, when he was chosen as Holy Roman Emperor.
(6.) Among these were Elvira (966-975) who had acted as regent for her brother's son in Le[acute{o}]n; Urraca (1109-1126), who inherited the thrones of Castile and Le[acute{o}]n from her father; Berenguela, daughter of Alfonso VII (1158-1214) who had ruled briefly as queen of Castile; and Catalina of Lancaster (1390-1406) who was co-regent for her son, Juan II of Castile.
Act three of Daniel Casper von Lohenstein's 1665 German-language play about Nero s assassination of his mother and erstwhile co-regent Agrippina in A.D.