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By way of assisting meditation, he had even gone the length of taking out his flint and steel and tinder, and hammering away for a quarter of an hour till he had manufactured a light for a long Trichinopoli cheroot, which he silently puffed, to the no small wonder of coachee, who was an old friend, and an institution on the Bath road, and who always expected a talk on the prospects and doings, agricultural and social, of the whole country, when he carried the Squire.
They are out again and up; coachee the last, gathering the reins into his hands and talking to Jem the hostler about the mare's shoulder, and then swinging himself up on to the box--the horses dashing off in a canter before he falls into his seat.
Damme, coachee,' says young my lord, 'you ain't afraid.
a one-to-one conversation focussed on the enhancement of learning and development through increasing self-awareness and a sense of personal responsibility, where the coach facilitates the self-directed learning of the coachee through questioning, active listening, and appropriate challenge in a supportive and encouraging climate.
The aim of coaching is to accompany the process of change, to relize the potential in order to allow the coachee to achieve his/her intended goals [53].
But this is not always the case, as organizations may have intentions quite different from the expectations of the coachee (Skinner, 2012).
The ideal coachee has an open mind to take on board new thinking, and loads of courage to try things they may never have attempted before.
The coachee will be encouraged and motivated to assume self-responsibility for learning.
A interacao entre o coach (que conduz o processo) e o coachee (quem e alvo do processo) faz com que este descubra suas metas e seu potencial inexplorado, auxiliando-o a transforma-los em acao e a nao perder o foco quando da implantacao.
I deal with differences between coach and coachee in a simple way: both of us sign an agreement establishing trust, confidentiality and our respective roles.
La selection marocaine, coachee par Mehdi Tahiri, a dispute ce match barrage pour l'ascension en terminant leader de la poule A suite a quatre victoires sur le Mozambique (3-0), la Namibie (3-0), le Nigeria (2-1) et le Cameroun (3-0).
Ello demuestra que ha habido menor interes en el proceso de coaching en si mismo, es decir en lo que ocurre durante la relacion entre el coach y su coachee (cliente) y que contribuye al logro de sus metas (Day, De Hann, & Sills, 2008).