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a. A bus, especially one designed for long-distance passenger service.
b. A railroad passenger car.
c. A closed automobile, usually with two doors.
d. A large, closed, four-wheeled carriage with an elevated exterior seat for the driver; a stagecoach.
2. Coach class.
3. Sports A person who trains or directs athletes or athletic teams.
a. A person who gives instruction or guidance: an acting coach; a life coach.
b. A private tutor employed to prepare a student for an examination.
tr. & intr.v. coached, coach·ing, coach·es
1. To train or tutor or to act as a trainer or tutor.
2. To transport by or ride in a coach.

[French coche, from obsolete German Kotsche, from Hungarian kocsi, after Kocs, a town of northwest Hungary (where such carriages were first made).]

coach′a·ble adj.
coach′er n.
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While maintaining the original design; minor modifications are made to enhance the functionality of the building, such as the project entrance road and a port coacher will be developed to be more welcoming and to give exceptional guest experience.
Ainsi et fort de son diplome obtenu a Charleroi, Louzani retourna a la maison a l'aube des annees 1980 pour coacher differents clubs de la Botola dont le MAT, OCK, FUS, IRT, KACM, CODM, SCCM, DHJ, JSM, KAC...
The debut of the shoe line, designed by Toshinouke Takegahara (Foot The Coacher), consisted of Highgrounder, Platformer and Distorter models.
A special team is initiated for the preparation of NTS exam and preference will be given to intermediate candidates as a coacher in educational institutes.
A special team is initiated for the preparation of NTS exam and preference will be given to intermediate candidates as a coacher in educational institutes, he said and added that passing marks have been reduced from 50 to 45 according to new policy of the Punjab government.
When he gets to the Hines play he tells how when Burdock hit the ball "it was obvious to the coacher on third base that it was going over the head of the shortstop.
For the final version of the book represents a fitting last testament to his rugby beliefs, the coacher's last word with, as usual, grateful thanks due to all his lieutenants along the way.
Pour cette confrontation et suite a la demission de Benchouia dont la presence sur le banc pour ce match reste incertaine, c'est Kebir qui devrait coacher l'equipe en attendant la designation d'un nouvel entraineur dans les tout prochains jours.
The move is in line to develop modern technical specifications for its fleet of buses and coacher, and acquire the best expertise and latest technology in public transport.

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