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a. A bus, especially one designed for long-distance passenger service.
b. A railroad passenger car.
c. A closed automobile, usually with two doors.
d. A large, closed, four-wheeled carriage with an elevated exterior seat for the driver; a stagecoach.
2. Coach class.
3. Sports A person who trains or directs athletes or athletic teams.
a. A person who gives instruction or guidance: an acting coach; a life coach.
b. A private tutor employed to prepare a student for an examination.
tr. & intr.v. coached, coach·ing, coach·es
1. To train or tutor or to act as a trainer or tutor.
2. To transport by or ride in a coach.

[French coche, from obsolete German Kotsche, from Hungarian kocsi, after Kocs, a town of northwest Hungary (where such carriages were first made).]

coach′a·ble adj.
coach′er n.
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Contract awarded for Supply of main conductor and 7 sectional coachers for 30 weeks chinese orchestra cca training programme
Fifteen coachers, 15 restless riders, three conductors, 25 sacks of mail.
Mahmoud Abul, the project manager, told KUNA that it aims at building modern stadiums and fields, equipped with state-of-art facilities, competent managers and coachers.
Scheduled to start on April 25-26, the tournament will bring together budding talents representing different clubs under the supervision of coachers from the prominent British team - Manchester United.
Esa comprension de lo que hacemos con el lenguaje y lo que el lenguaje hace con nosotros es la labor propia de lo que se denomina Retorica, que no es en absoluto el arte de convencer y de manipular a que lo reducen los coachers y sofistas modernos.
This subject caused to the teachers & coachers tried to update their data & participated in the virtual schools, health & sport education & the education department supported them & the IT must classify the information based on physical-education in school, to increasing the findings & then increase the benefits (A.
A female commuter said: "The coachers already have less number of women's seats but unfortunately occupied by male passengers".
Based on these findings, coachers might consider and capitalize on students' responsibility goals in the athletic classes.
All my coachers are trained to a high level so you get the best out of your training with Contender.
Barnie was so annoyed with these ploys that he telegraphed the Association with the suggestion that the coachers be confined to a box 15 feet by 35 feet, set up 75 feet from home plate.
Under TQM, manager's priorities are reordered, their decision making and control functions contract and their role as consultants and coachers grows.
La gravedad de las situaciones que abordan los coachers son, en cada caso, diferentes.

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