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1. An impelling or restraining force; a compulsion.
2. Joint action.
3. Ecology Any of the reciprocal actions or effects, such as symbiosis, that can occur in a community.

[Middle English coaccioun, from Latin coāctiō, coāctiōn-, a collecting, from coāctus, past participle of cōgere, to collect, condense; see coagulum. Senses 2 and 3 : co- + action.]

co·ac′tive adj.
co·ac′tive·ly adv.
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It is through the strategic adaptation and mediation of symbols that rhetoric coactively induces cooperation without coercion--that rhetoric achieves its persuasive aims .
In the second and third individual sessions, new learning points are discussed (for example, for attention, first coactively pushing an object away before introducing a new one; for initiatives, affirming initiatives more often; for regulating intensity, reducing the communication partner's own initiatives; and for affective involvement, rhythmically using the voice more often).
The child who is blind may demonstrate this early knowledge of object permanence when part of an object (that was partially and coactively concealed) is touched by some part of his or her body.