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n. pl. co·ag·u·la (-lə)
A coagulated mass, as of blood; a clot.

[Latin coāgulum, coagulator, rennet, from cōgere, to condense : co-, co- + agere, to drive; see ag- in Indo-European roots.]
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n, pl -la (-lə)
any coagulated mass; clot; curd
[C17: from Latin: curdling agent; see coagulate]
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(koʊˈæg yə ləm)

n., pl. -la (-lə).
any coagulated mass; precipitate; clump; clot.
[1650–60; < Latin: binding agent, rennet <co- co- + agere to drive, do (see agent)]
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Noun1.coagulum - a lump of material formed from the content of a liquid
chunk, clod, glob, lump, clump, ball - a compact mass; "a ball of mud caught him on the shoulder"
thrombus - a blood clot formed within a blood vessel and remaining attached to its place of origin
embolus - an abnormal particle (e.g. an air bubble or part of a clot) circulating in the blood
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A method comprising an operation in which a collection of granules comprising a plurality of granular coagula are obtained from a liquid mixture comprising filler and rubber latex solution, and an operation in which the collection of granules is compressed under conditions satisfying Formula I; 3 [less than or equal to] Px Da [less than or equal to] 500 (P indicates pressure [kgf/ [cm.sup.2]] applied to the collection of granules.
Twitter user further explained, '#UsMovie theory: the 'They' that Red is speaking about are The Red Alchemist's Society, the group from Get Out that invented the Coagula Procedure.
Dissolve, coagula, the chemists say: but the first darkness blinds the human eyes that climb the ladder of the visionary spinal chord to issue in the thousand-petalled sun.
Corpus luteum was seen in the left ovary, which was surrounded by inhomogeneous echoes of coagula. Adjacent to the ovary was an undefined structure that was suspected of ectopic pregnancy.
A video appears, featuring Grandpa Armitage explaining "coagula," and then a second one with Jim Hudson explaining the importance of "our common understanding of the three stages of the process: 1.
The exhibit will be on display for five days at Coagula Curatorial&nbsp;in L.A.'s Chinatown from August 18-22.
If this were a strictly analytic text, I would have stopped after I had pulled language apart to reveal its infra/exostructures, but in the Kleinian spirit of the unity of opposites--solve et coagula--it is now necessary to move into the complementary process to breaking apart, which in alchemical terms is known as coagula, the process of congealing.