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Noun1.coal house - a shed for storing coalcoal house - a shed for storing coal    
shed - an outbuilding with a single story; used for shelter or storage
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Seventy years ago in Wallsend, it was still a world where houses had outside toilets or 'netties', and coal house bunkers, with the back lanes full of washing on clothes lines supported by wooden 'props', and the smell of home baking wafting through the air.
I am reminded of the pitman's song in the excellent musical "Close the Coal House Door" following the nationalisation of his pit - "The same bosses are in charge".
A 2.5 mile stretch of the road between junction 67 at Coal House and junction 65 near Birtley is set to be widened.
Looked in the coal house - nothing there, Nor in the jumble beneath the stair.
Drivers had to put up with almost two years of disruption on the A1 from Coal House to the Metrocentre as the [pounds sterling]61m improvement scheme was carried out.
"It had a coal house and inside was the gas meter which took pennies when there were 240 pennies to the pound.
I lived in one of those houses in Birmingham before the war, with one living room downstairs with a kitchen leading off, a coal house and toilet outside, and two bedrooms upstairs.
Gwen and her family took part in the first series of the BBC's Coal House, in which they lived for a month in the conditions of a family from the 1920s, following which Gwen wrote her book Coal House Diary.
The Griffiths family of BBC Wales' Coal House series tell their story, with the help of writer Alun Gibbard, in Life in the Coal House (Y Lolfa, pounds 3.95).
NERYS Howell has showcased Welsh food in the world's culinary hotspots - and advised how to survive on rations with only an open fire to cook on for TV's Coal House.
It will unveil two new wartime cottages in Stack Square as featured in the successful BBC series Coal House at War.
The accused had behaved strangely and on the evening of September 27, when the rector for the parish, the Rev C F Thomas, called at the cottage with some milk, he found the prisoner in an excited condition and on asking where he wife was the prisoner took him to the coal house, where the woman was lying on the ground covered in some sacking.