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Noun1.coal industry - the producers of coal considered collectivelycoal industry - the producers of coal considered collectively
industry - the people or companies engaged in a particular kind of commercial enterprise; "each industry has its own trade publications"
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The growth of coal industry production was 18.6 percent or 17.5 million somonis ($1.86 million), mining industry - 7.5 percent or 211.7 million somonis ($22.5 million), building materials production - 15.6 percent or 168.8 million somonis ($17.9 million), light industry 19.8 percent or 95.8 million somonis ($10.2 million), engineering - 15 percent or 107.1 million somonis ($11.4 million).
Despite claims to the contrary, US insurers assessed by the firm have not taken measures to pare down their investment and involvement in the coal industry. The report also named firms such as American International Group Inc (NYSE: AIG), Chubb Limited (NYSE: CB), Liberty Mutual and Berkshire Hathaway that are continuing to underwrite and invest in the industry.
Mr Boje put the status of the coal industry into perspective in an interview recently during a tour of Minergy plant operations that was organised for investors, media and the community to appreciate progress made at the mine's Masama coal project operations plant in Medie in Kweneng District where the plant is situated.
MARION -- Lawmakers met Wednesday afternoon in a private forum with coal industry leaders, pledging support for the diminishing portion of the energy sector once known as King Coal.
Researchers found that rural counties with higher levels of coal jobs had lower divorce rates compared with similar counties with fewer coal jobs during the 1990s, when the coal industry was losing jobs.
They are less likely than others to resort to divorce when there's a downturn in the coal industry."
THE Labour Party was a far bigger contributor to the demise of the coal industry in Wales than Margaret Thatcher!
Once Trump became president, he ( issued an executive order  and Congress passed legislation he insisted would revitalize the coal industry.