coal measures

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coal measures

pl.n. Geology
1. Coal Measures A stratigraphic unit equivalent to the Pennsylvanian or Upper Carboniferous Periods.
2. Strata of the Carboniferous Period usually containing coal deposits.
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Coal Measures

pl n
(Geological Science) a series of coal-bearing rocks formed in the upper Carboniferous period; the uppermost series of the Carboniferous system
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coal′ meas`ures
1. coal-bearing strata.
2. (caps.) a portion of the Carboniferous System characterized by widespread coal deposits.
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Release date- 23082019 - Since the last update, Strike has continued drilling the 6-3/4' production hole section through the Irwin River Coal Measures and is interpreted to have intercepted the Kingia sandstones at 4,761m.
You are as well aware as I am of the extreme difficulty of following out any particular bed in the Australian coal measures in consequence of the great variableness of their condition, a remark which applies so generally to all members of the carboniferous (now dated as Permian) formation in N.S.W., that it is not safe to trust any of the rocks further than you can throw them (see Moyal 2003).
However, the Lower Paleozoic natural gas was generally believed to be mixed by both coal-type gas from the Upper Paleozoic coal measures and oil-type gas from the marine source rocks [27-29].
The exhibition is called Farewell Rock, which is also the name for the band of sandstone that lies below the coal measures. When miners reach it, it signals 'a farewell to riches' and the end of coal and is an apt reflection on the region's mothballed cast mines and the colliery's uncertain future.
Unconventional gas in coal measures is all natural gasses which are generated through evolution when the parent materials of source rocks underwent coalification of biochemistry and physiochemistry.
The talk is organised to coincide with the exhibition Sound Strata of Coastal Northumberland, which features Wood's 12.5-metre strata diagram illustrating the location of coal measures on the Northumberland coast.
The PECR5 concessions called Area 6 and Area 7 (which Philsaga bid for and won) contain welldefined coal measures immediately to the east of the CoO gold mining and milling operations in Agusan del Sur province in Mindanao, Davis said.
Around 300 million years ago, movement from deep underground caused the area to bulge upwards, and subsequent erosion wore away the coal measures to reveal the underlying gritstone and limestone.
Also within the wood, but also hard to find, is (Royal) Doulton's Claypit mined for its clay to make fine china for 70 years until the 1930s - and where cliffs show a section through the rocks of the middle and lower coal measures which were abandoned in the 1940s.
Chakraborty, "Combined tide and wave influence on sedimentation of Lower Gondwana coal measures of central India: Barakar Formation (Permian), Satpura basin," Journal of the Geological Society, vol.