coal seam

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Noun1.coal seam - a seam of coal
seam, bed - a stratum of ore or coal thick enough to be mined with profit; "he worked in the coal beds"
coalface - the part of a coal seam that is being cut
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The Nyanda-4 corehole was the first dedicated coal seam gas well at Reid's Dome.
Lower coal seam is about 1 foot thick, the middle and upper coal seams each about 9 inches or slightly less than 1 foot thick.
THE Federal Government, on Monday, ordered for an intensive investigation into a gas emission from exposed coal seam at Umuozu community in Otolo, Nnewi North Local Government Area of Anambra State.
It is important to study the pore structure characteristics of the coal seam for understanding and interpreting coal reservoir [1].
For coal seams with low gas permeability and high gas, gas extraction measures must be taken before mining to reduce the coal seam gas content.
In China, there are many problems on the extraction of CBM, such as slow methane pressure decreasing, rapid methane concentration reducing, and low permeability of coal seam. This makes it difficult to use the low concentration methane effectively which will be eventually discharged into the atmosphere.
According to the geological condition of shallow coal seam, relevant scholars have carried out researches on mining pressure and strata control, mining subsidence and prevention technology, and water-preserved mining technology.
Victoria state has gone further than any other in Australia to block shale and coal seam fracking, announcing a permanent ban on Tuesday due to concerns of farmers and green groups on health and water risks despite a looming natural gas supply crunch.
Paleo-environment of the Eocene coal seam in the Fushun Basin (NE China): Implications from petrography and organic geochemistry.