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v. co·a·lesced, co·a·lesc·ing, co·a·lesc·es
1. To come or grow together into a single mass: the material that coalesced to form stars.
2. To come together as a recognizable whole or entity: the stories that coalesced as the history of the movement.
3. To come together for a single purpose: The rebel units coalesced into one army to fight the invaders. See Synonyms at mix.
1. To cause to coalesce as a single mass: The atoms were coalesced into a larger molecule.
2. To cause to coalesce as a single whole or entity: The survey responses were coalesced into a single document.

[Latin coalēscere : co-, co- + alēscere, to grow, inchoative of alere, to nourish; see al- in Indo-European roots.]

co′a·les′cence n.
co′a·les′cent adj.
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Adj.1.coalesced - joined together into a wholecoalesced - joined together into a whole; "United Industries"; "the amalgamated colleges constituted a university"; "a consolidated school"
united - characterized by unity; being or joined into a single entity; "presented a united front"
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At the time of our visit, there were four chiefs in arms contending for supremacy in the government: if one succeeded in becoming for a time very powerful, the others coalesced against him; but no sooner were they victorious, than they were again hostile to each other.
The height of the trees and the thickness of the boles exceeded anything which I in my town-bred life could have imagined, shooting upwards in magnificent columns until, at an enormous distance above our heads, we could dimly discern the spot where they threw out their side-branches into Gothic upward curves which coalesced to form one great matted roof of verdure, through which only an occasional golden ray of sunshine shot downwards to trace a thin dazzling line of light amidst the majestic obscurity.
Forces, Activities, and Movements sprang into being, agitated themselves, coalesced, and, in one political avalanche, overwhelmed a bewildered, and not in the least intending it, England.
The sweat stood out on their skin in myriads of tiny drops that ran together, forming blotches of moisture, which, in turn, coalesced into rivulets that dripped to the ground.
The three moons have similar orbital features, which indicate that they all coalesced from the debris created when a large object banged into Pluto early in the history of the solar system, Ward and Canup argue in an upcoming Science.
The characteristic of this pattern of coalescence is that a satellite bubble is newly created as a residual of coalesced bubble.
Untold ages later they coalesced into our own solar system forming our Sun, Earth, oceans, mountains, griptape with holes in it and, eventually, Bam Margera's Right Guard contract.
As SF MOMA'S Janet Bishop points out in her essay for the catalogue, art history still lacks a place for the group of hyperrealist artists, from Richard Estes to Gerhard Richter, who coalesced in the late '60s.
It is chilling to read of the almost universal "groupthink," including large segments of the public, lawmakers, Supreme Court justices and the press, who gleefully coalesced around this scientifically untrue and socially cruel and destructive movement.
Those groups eventually coalesced to form the Communist movement, which--like the neoconservative Bush administration--defined "democracy" as a synonym for "freedom." The American Founders, by way of contrast, understood that democracy (unrestrained majority rule, rather than the rule of law) was incompatible with ordered liberty and individual rights, and was a forerunner to mobocracy followed by tyranny.