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Noun1.coaling station - a seaport where ships can take on supplies of coalcoaling station - a seaport where ships can take on supplies of coal
harbor, harbour, seaport, haven - a sheltered port where ships can take on or discharge cargo
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If the war was a naval one, you destroyed your enemy's battle fleet and then blockaded his ports, secured his coaling stations, and hunted down any stray cruisers that threatened your ports of commerce.
Aden soon became an important transit port and coaling station for trade between British India and the Far East, and Europe.
That same year, the Depot was assigned management of the La Playa Coaling Station at Point Loma--currently the home of the NAVSUP FLC San Diego fuel department.
Where once a coaling station or airbase was the solution to some strategic problem, the politics of overseas basing are creating their own set of strategic challenges.
And once there he decided a second victory was on the cards, no less than the destruction of Britain's essential coaling station and ammunition dumps on the Falkland Islands.
Lucia played a major role internationally during World War II, in the use of Castries as a coaling station, and in being, for centuries, the strategic West Indian colony which both the English and the French so wished to possess.
Coalinga, California, was founded in 1888 as "Coaling Station A" for the Southern Pacific railroad.
Which one-time British possession in the Middle East was noted for being a coaling station for steamships?
The lease on the Guantanamo naval base does not have an expiration date and has been occupied since the end of the Spanish-American War, when it first served as a coaling station.
Gitmo began as a coaling station for the American fleet that protected the Panama Canal; and the last of its major missions decamped for the continental United States in the middle 1990s.

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