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Oh, man, selfish, indelicate, coarse-grained at the best, thy woman's hour has come; get thee gone.
The texture of the rock varies from very to coarse-grained with diagonal fracture texture.
The proposed terminal with a loading capacity of approximately 8mn tons per year will enable large volume export of gabbro, a coarse-grained rock used in asphalt and other minerals, reported Muscat Daily.
Emotions, by contrast, are mediated and coarse-grained. Pleasure and pain are coarse-grained but, in a range of important cases, immediate.
Guo Qingguo (1998)proposed 5 mm as the dividing line of fine and coarse particles, and that takes 30% and 70% of coarse-grained contents as the two research points.
Call objects which are such that, for every property, the object either has the property or lacks the property "fine-grained objects." Call objects which are such that, for every property, the object neither has the property nor lacks the property "coarse-grained objects." (Objects of intermediate grain will be objects which have or lack some properties whilst there are other properties they neither have nor lack.).
Coarse-grained soils, which can show outstanding performance in compaction, shearing intensity, water permeability, and liquefaction under dynamic load, and having the advantages of rich reserves, easy access, and economical, are widely used as natural foundation materials in foundation engineering construction such as highways, railways, airports, dams, and excavations.
Massive infrastructures have been designed and constructed in Northern China, such as the West-East electricity transmission project, and have to face the problematic soils, e.g., coarse-grained saline soils, especially those distributed in the Gobi Desert or the desert margin in inland areas [1, 2].
Whilst the Leeb method is used for measuring the hardness of non-ferrous metals, cast iron, coarse-grained materials and larger products.
One important aspect of the physical world is that coarse-grained descriptions often suffice to make predictions about relevant behavior.