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Adj.1.coarse-textured - having surface roughness; "a textured wall of stucco"; "a rough-textured tweed"
rough, unsmooth - having or caused by an irregular surface; "trees with rough bark"; "rough ground"; "rough skin"; "rough blankets"; "his unsmooth face"
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Among the most heat-quenching of these are granitas--intensely flavored, coarse-textured ice confections typically made from water, sugar, and fruit.
Field experiments with common bean crops grown under no-till farming were conducted at three sites with the following soil texture classes: sandy loam (coarse-textured soil), sandy clay loam (medium-textured soil), and clay (fine-textured soil) (Table 1), which were classified as Typic Hapludox, Rhodic Hapludox, and Typic Rhodudalf (Soil Survey Staff 2014) respectively.
It's fiat-ground (thank you) and has coarse-textured G10 handle scales.
"It might take three hours at 1 gallon per hour to saturate coarse-textured soil or six hours to saturate heavy clay soil," he says.
Thus, although alfalfa pellets, which has a small particle size, have less effect on chewing stimulation, coarse-textured rice straw with alfalfa pellets stimulates chewing activity in dairy cows even though the quantity of rice straw was 40% of the TH.
However, the impact of surface irrigation-applied estrogens on water quality may be greater for areas with coarse-textured or highly structured soils over-lying shallow groundwater.
Several studies have indicated that soil texture beneath OWS influences phosphate treatment with fine-textured soils providing more phosphate reduction than coarse-textured soils.
It was assumed this coarse-textured grass would create more pop-ups than a finer textured grass.
Coarse-textured soils have been associated with repellency because coarse particles have less surface area per unit volume than finer particles, making them more susceptible to coating by a limited supply of hydrophobic substances (Crockford et al.
Similar dynamics could direct preferential flow around natural capillary barriers and funnel subsurface flow through coarse-textured soils sandwiched between finer layers.
The aluminum receiver is finished in a very coarse-textured deep black.