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The land along a coast.


the land fringing a coast



land along a coast; seacoast.
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Noun1.coastland - land in a coastal area
land, soil, ground - material in the top layer of the surface of the earth in which plants can grow (especially with reference to its quality or use); "the land had never been plowed"; "good agricultural soil"
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To Alleyne whose days had been spent in the low-lying coastland, the eager upland air and the wide free country-side gave a sense of life and of the joy of living which made his young blood tingle in his veins.
Beal most recently served as General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer of Coastland Capital LLC.
followed by the $103 million Coastland Credit Union in Metairie, La.
The 10 minute (or so)segments take you over rugged coastland and spectacular mountains.
I look around to ask someone, but there isn't a soul to be seen - just the four of us, deserted on our own idyllic coastland.
With 1,680 miles of coastland in Wales the opportunities which come with harnessing the tidal power are clear and it is technology I want to see more of.
Originating on the Dorset coastland, Portland aran is a creamy white yarn, which is crisp and firm with a good stitch definition.
He also noted that the output of the Tulu oral tradition is really stunning as evident from the Paddanas (folk narratives) found in Tulunadu-comprising the southern coastland of Karnataka and northern parts of Kerala.
The coastland to the south, on the Indian Ocean, is a tropical paradise of palm fringed white sand beaches.
Ornithology turned to hornithology after word spread that the tiny 10 centimetre warbler, an unusual autumn migrant to the UK, had been spotted at the Gare, an area of reclaimed coastland near Redcar, Cleveland.
For each month, 10 brief stories give insight on various species of the region's three major habitat types: woodland grassy plains, coastland mountain forests, and alpine environment.
Regardless of the restrictions a community may impose upon its coastland, a New Jersey state policy gives anyone the right to swim in the shallow waters anywhere and walk or sit on the beach in any area up to the standard high-water mark.