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Noun1.coat button - a button on a coatcoat button - a button on a coat      
button - a round fastener sewn to shirts and coats etc to fit through buttonholes
coat - an outer garment that has sleeves and covers the body from shoulder down; worn outdoors
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But no, she dangled the beads in the sun before my face, exclaiming, "Ah, monsieur CANNOT resist them!" She hung them on my coat button, folded her hand resignedly, and said: "Gone,--and for thirty francs, the lovely things--it is incredible!--but the good God will sanctify the sacrifice to me."
Cord, in honor of the races, had put on his best clothes, a black coat buttoned up, a stiffly starched collar, which propped up his cheeks, a round black hat, and top boots.
He had a large watch-chain and bunch of seals, a coat buttoned up to inconvenience, a waistcoat buttoned up to inconvenience, an unwrinkled pair of trousers, a stiff pair of boots.
Martin had heard Herbert Spencer quoted several times in the park, but one afternoon a disciple of Spencer's appeared, a seedy tramp with a dirty coat buttoned tightly at the throat to conceal the absence of a shirt.
He used a coat button, weighed down with a washer, as the base for the players and early editions of the "flick-to-kick" game came with instructions for marking out a pitch on an old army blanket.
The size and profile of a coat button, Lil'Rok has a solid 6061 T6 aircraft aluminium casing, features a rare earth magnet with 10lbs full force and comes with 3M VHB double-sided adhesive for quick installation.
A coat button could have helped to prove Lara's version of circumstances on the night of the murder; towards the end of the film the detective who had been assigned to the case squats on his haunches in the opening of a parking garage as rain gushes down in torrents in the street.
Spies in the Russian KGB (Russia's national security agency from 1954-1991) used a camera disguised as a coat button to take pictures.
A COAT button trapped a bungling robber who targeted his local fish and chip shop twice in two days.
One needs a piece of coat hanger wire about five or six inches long (I haven't gone metric as yet),a thin two inch long elastic band,and a coat button.
Alongside them one discovers unusual pieces such as Domenico Gnoli's hallucinatory painting of a coat button (Bottone, 1967) or his empty, fetishistically embroidered tablecloth, painted in acrylic on sand: Senza Natura Morte (Without still life), 1966.