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Noun1.coat stand - an upright pole with pegs or hooks on which to hang clothingcoat stand - an upright pole with pegs or hooks on which to hang clothing
pole - a long (usually round) rod of wood or metal or plastic
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Visibility's latest work is an evolution from their initial 2014 collection, which was composed of porcelain kitchen tools, a bent-steel mirror, and a rubber-tipped wood coat stand.
It was my observation of things hanging on the palm tree and how we use it to hang towels and plastic bags," he says, explaining that the first piece of the collection was The Palm coat stand.
In his teens he would often be seen running along Bold Street with a wooden coat stand over his shoulder adorned with a moose head.
The Textile Centre of Excellence on Red Doles Lane has trimmed up a boring office coat stand with tinsel, baubles and fairy lights to save buying a Christmas tree.
His riders included having a coat stand, not a rail, and being near a McDonald's.
Doolan continued the gag yesterday when he burst into the media room along with kitman Tam McCourt holding a coat stand shouting "To me, to you".
An asymmetrical coat stand boasts hooks made of arrow-shaped protrusions of brass, resembling a signpost directing the eye toward each of the cardinal directions.
Working with a craftsperson, Aladag transformed them into musical instruments: A chair was strung likea guitar, a coat stand was converted into a harp, kitchen tongs looked ready to be used as drumsticks.
There were also reported thefts of patio furniture, a coat stand and tools.
Yes, but have they got a magic bag that can fit a coat stand in it?
Kadou is a coat stand that evokes the shape of a traditional Japanese vase of flowers.
Outside the Dining Room stands a rather quaint, antique coat stand, where guests at the royal table would hang their coats and hats before being admitted.