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Noun1.coat stand - an upright pole with pegs or hooks on which to hang clothingcoat stand - an upright pole with pegs or hooks on which to hang clothing
pole - a long (usually round) rod of wood or metal or plastic
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Ornate coat hooks, beautiful coat stands and vintage shoe lockers will not only add interest and detail but are practical additions that will ensure your essential clutter not only becomes part of the furniture but looks fantastic too.
Using pieces from his collection called The Palm - which includes stools, benches, coffee tables and coat stands - and fusing it with Cultural Engineering's book about palm trees, the Ramadan campaign aims to spread awareness about the history of dates and its importance to Middle Eastern culture.
Tenders are invited for Nui Galway Is Now Seeking Tenders From Suitably Qualified And Experienced Firms For The Supply And Installation Of Loose Furnishings And Fittings For The Human Biology Building In Two Lots As Follows: Lot 1 - Desks / Storage: Desks, Mobile Pedestals, Storage Units, Meeting Tables, Canteen Tables, Book Case Shelving, Racking Shelving Lot 2 - Chairs / Other: Tutorial Chairs, Lab Stools, Office Operator Chairs, Meeting Chairs, Canteen Chairs, Notice Boards, White Boards, Coat Stands
The staff have spent time with her and Treacle now loves having fuss although, when you do spend time with her, all her coat stands on end, she has her hackles up and her tail is very bushy.
Sofas, beds, curtains, coat stands and wardrobes are among 260,000 items of furniture that were bought from the athletes' village at last year's London Olympics.
Rug from Cloudberry Living STYLISH: Coat stands can be decorative too, like this one from Metal Design Furniture Ltd NEAT IDEA: Clever storage solutions, like this wall organiser from All Up and On, keep hallways and porches free from clutter WELCOME: Accessorise with a stylish doormat from The Contemporary Home LUCKY NUMBER: Give your front door a fresh coat of paint and add potted bushes and a bespoke house number, from Purlfrost Window Film, help make a good first impression LIGHT WORK: Use a bold light fitting, like this one from Sweetpea & Willow, to create a focal point in your hallway
Lest the exhibition get too serious, there are some unusual and comical aspects to it, like the white overalls hung on coat stands, each titled in red in a couple of languages - Expert - Experte, Hunter - Jager, Jailer - Warter, Executioner - Scharfrichter.
Ruth managed to turn her hand to selling everything from cars to coat stands.
The warm color of the fox's coat stands out against the icy winter landscape.
Office accessories: coat stands, waste-paper baskets, rubbish bins, footrests, recycling bins