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also co·a·ti·mon·di  (kō-ä′tē-mŭn′dē)
n. pl. coatimundi or co·a·ti·mun·dis also coatimondi or co·a·ti·mon·dis
A coati.

[Possibly Tupí coati; see coati + Tupí mundé, animal trap.]
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I'd already seen a couple of the elusive "gray ghosts," a few mule deer and a strange, new (to me) animal called a coatimundi. Yes, this was going to be fun!
A coatimundi and a capybara (or is it a porcupine?) take the lead in "Untitled", a silly story by author and illustrator Timothy Young that has an unexpected twist ending!
Jenn Huerta, an eighth grade math teacher at Coatimundi Middle School in Rio Rico, said a tweet from Rep.
In his outstretched right hand, Bob held the body of a coatimundi.
Cool wildlife: Tons of it, but a few are the jaguar, quetzal, furry coatimundi, and coral s-s-s-s-snake.
The exotic animals exhibit will include a chinchilla, a domestic skunk, a tortoise, a tarantula, a parrot, a fennec fox, lizards, a coatimundi (a member of the raccoon family) and a kinkajou, Felkamp said.
Harris cited images of javelinas, pig-like desert mammals, and coatimundi, members of the raccoon family, captured at higher latitudes in recent years.
Razzle, the ring-tailed coatimundi, was found by a surprised dog walker in Abbeygate, Newport.
Animals, rainstorms, and other weather events all triggered SBInet's radar and ground sensors, while, as with ISIS before it, these sensors proved incapable of distinguishing between human beings and coyotes, deer, rabbits, coatimundi, javelina, pronghorn, or bovine.
Come see a live alligator, panther, chameleon, gray fox, coatimundi. Registration required.
HSharing her home with more than 70 critters, ranging from a raccoon to lizards, alpacas and even a South American coatimundi, it's no wonder that Jordan Ryan's neighbours call her the 'Zoo Lady'.
guyanensis, found in coatimundi and other vertebrates in South America (8).