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or co-au·thor (kō-ô′thər)
A collaborating or joint author.
tr.v. co·au·thored, co·au·thor·ing, co·au·thors or co-au·thored or co-au·thor·ing or co-au·thors
To be a collaborating or joint author of: two colleagues who coauthored an article.
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(Journalism & Publishing) a person who shares the writing of a book, article, etc, with another
(Journalism & Publishing) (tr) to be the joint author of (a book, article, etc)
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(koʊˈɔ θər, ˈkoʊˌɔ-)

1. one of two or more joint authors.
2. to be a coauthor of.
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Past participle: coauthored
Gerund: coauthoring

I coauthor
you coauthor
he/she/it coauthors
we coauthor
you coauthor
they coauthor
I coauthored
you coauthored
he/she/it coauthored
we coauthored
you coauthored
they coauthored
Present Continuous
I am coauthoring
you are coauthoring
he/she/it is coauthoring
we are coauthoring
you are coauthoring
they are coauthoring
Present Perfect
I have coauthored
you have coauthored
he/she/it has coauthored
we have coauthored
you have coauthored
they have coauthored
Past Continuous
I was coauthoring
you were coauthoring
he/she/it was coauthoring
we were coauthoring
you were coauthoring
they were coauthoring
Past Perfect
I had coauthored
you had coauthored
he/she/it had coauthored
we had coauthored
you had coauthored
they had coauthored
I will coauthor
you will coauthor
he/she/it will coauthor
we will coauthor
you will coauthor
they will coauthor
Future Perfect
I will have coauthored
you will have coauthored
he/she/it will have coauthored
we will have coauthored
you will have coauthored
they will have coauthored
Future Continuous
I will be coauthoring
you will be coauthoring
he/she/it will be coauthoring
we will be coauthoring
you will be coauthoring
they will be coauthoring
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been coauthoring
you have been coauthoring
he/she/it has been coauthoring
we have been coauthoring
you have been coauthoring
they have been coauthoring
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been coauthoring
you will have been coauthoring
he/she/it will have been coauthoring
we will have been coauthoring
you will have been coauthoring
they will have been coauthoring
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been coauthoring
you had been coauthoring
he/she/it had been coauthoring
we had been coauthoring
you had been coauthoring
they had been coauthoring
I would coauthor
you would coauthor
he/she/it would coauthor
we would coauthor
you would coauthor
they would coauthor
Past Conditional
I would have coauthored
you would have coauthored
he/she/it would have coauthored
we would have coauthored
you would have coauthored
they would have coauthored
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Noun1.coauthor - a writer who collaborates with others in writing something
author, writer - writes (books or stories or articles or the like) professionally (for pay)
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[ˈkəʊˌɔːθəʳ] ncoautore/trice
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Two papers were selected in the honorable mention category: "Head-on-Pillow Defect Detection--X-ray Inspection Limitations" by Lars Bruno and coauthor Benny Gustafson, Ericsson; and "Analyzing a Printed Circuit Board with Oxide Residue Contamination" by Wade Goldman, Charles Stark Draper Laboratory and coauthored by Andrew Dineen, Hailey Jordan, Curtis Leonard of Draper Labs; and Edward Arthur, Raytheon Space and Airborne Systems.
This paper is the first coauthored by four nonrelated surname-sharing economists.
For a given coauthored article or other publication, I entered a tie for every coauthor to every other coauthor, mostly from Internet sources.
Kathy coauthored a chapter with Peter Shaughnessy titled "Effectiveness of Clinical Feedback Approach to Improving Patient Outcomes" published in the Handbook of Home Health Care Administration, 5th edition which was edited by Marilyn D.
My model suggests as the Internet reduced coordination costs of working with others, the number of coauthored papers (as broadly defined later) and the number of papers by new authors should increase.
Corsi coauthored Unfit for Command: Swift Boat Veterans Speak Out Against John Kerry and Minutemen: The Battle to Secure America's Borders.
While researchers will need to further test the novel vaccines in large numbers of fowl and against various subtypes of bird flu, the early results suggest that widespread vaccination of flocks could stall the spread of bird flu in animals, says molecular virologist Angela Romer-Oberdorfer of the Federal Research Institute for Animal Health in Riems, Germany, who coauthored one of the studies.
Second, my letter (Wakeford 2003) was in response to one by Wing and Richardson (2002) that incorrectly claimed that an excess risk of childhood cancer was not experienced by the Japanese atomic bomb survivors who were irradiated in utero, citing in support a paper that I coauthored (Doll and Wakeford 1997).
"Previous estimates overlooked the impact of HIV/AIDS on children if one or both parents die, how they can suddenly become orphans, how they become vulnerable to dropping out of school and how, in this way, the disease weakens the ability of today's generation to pass on its skills and knowledge to the next," said the chief economist of the World Bank's Human Development Program, Shanta Devarajan, who coauthored the report.
Given the observed proportional increase in coauthorship and the increased demand for greater research output, it follows that there may be a significant relationship between the number of articles produced per year and the proportion coauthored.
David Curb, a geriatrician at the University of Hawaii in Honolulu, who coauthored the blood clot study.
This result supports prior findings, such as those of McDowell and Melvin (1983), that coauthored work occurs more frequently among relatively specialized economists who require coauthors to publish.