coax cable

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Noun1.coax cable - a transmission line for high-frequency signals
transmission line, cable, line - a conductor for transmitting electrical or optical signals or electric power
ethernet cable - any of several types of coaxial cable used in ethernets
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Designed with enhanced fiber and coax cable management features by ADC, the cabinets will house ADC's Homeworx optical distribution node, which converts the video programming from optical to electrical signals for coax cable distribution to homes.
Both the encoder and decoder of the codec pair include a cable equalizer for up to 1,000 feet of 8281 or RG59 coax cable - adjustable with a single control.
1 operates over coax cable as well as phone wires and also provides multi-spectrum operation, adding VDSL coexistence to the ADSL, POTS and broadcast TV channel spectrum coexistence provided by the HomePNA 3.
To support the exploding growth of telematics and one of its most popular applications, digital satellite radio, OSRAM SYLVANIA offers automobile and audio system manufacturers one-stop shopping with superior, low-cost coax cable assembly systems that ensure high- quality telematics performance.
BRUSSELS, Belgium -- EqcoLogic NV, an analog circuit designer headquartered in Belgium, has demonstrated a new transceiver chip that allows IEEE 1394b signals to be transmitted two ways simultaneously, at 1 Gbit/s (S800 standard), over a single COAX cable.
Pulse~LINK's demonstration of its Ethernet-Over-Coax solution will also showcase CWave's coexistence with other signals, such as MoCA(R) technology, on the same coax cable.
Pulse~LINK's demonstration of its Ethernet-Over-Coax solution will also showcase CWave's coexistence with other signals on the same coax cable, including broadcast video services from a local cable company and coexistence with MoCA([R]) technology.
These channels are then transmitted via a single coax cable to Veos Display units attached to screens to display the content.
Tested configurations included several combinations comprising hundreds of feet of RG-59 consumer grade coaxial cable; multiple signal splitters; and various lengths of un-terminated coax cable stubs attached to unused splitter ports.
Unveiling of the first HDMI-Over-Coax product to extend HDMI connectivity from room-to-room over the existing in-home coax cable infrastructure.
The HANA exhibit will showcase how Pulse~LINK's CWave(TM)-On-Coax and the 1394TA's S400 interface provide a powerful, whole-home distribution capability that can run over pre-existing in-home coax cable AND co-exist with legacy cable and satellite programming.
Pulse~LINK is bringing its CWave(TM) UWB technology to HANA to enable the necessary bandwidth for multiple feeds of high definition programming, gaming and data across existing in-home coax cable.