coax cable

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Noun1.coax cable - a transmission line for high-frequency signals
transmission line, cable, line - a conductor for transmitting electrical or optical signals or electric power
ethernet cable - any of several types of coaxial cable used in ethernets
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Specialize in inside/outside fiber optics, copper cable and coax cable installations.
The Ethernet Over Coax Extenders are used in pairs, with a local (EOCPSE4020-110) and remote (EOCPD4020-110) device placed at opposite ends of a 75-ohm coax cable and is capable of delivering a full 25 Watts of power to the edge device at near Gigabit speed.
Support for eight tuners over a single coax cable will be enabled in a future software update.
It's not impossible to strip a coax cable with a utility knife, but it's not easy.
They connect to the receiver unit by optical fiber cable, no coax cable required, thus eliminating cable loss compensation measurements, external RF noise, and coax cable degradation.
I had thought this would be the ideal solution, as the FPCA had many other components to be mounted on the side where the coax cable was located, and the wire would have been placed after those other SMT-placed components, but there was one bump in the road that prohibited us from using solder paste and reflow for the coax cable.
The project, which it expects to begin shortly, is for the installation of fibre and coax cable at Miami International Airport.
The cable carries the colour information as one signal over a dual coax cable.
The cable carries the color information as one signal over a dual coax cable.
Ganged RF cable pings are offered for terminating two, four, six, or eight wires simultaneously with a choice of a standard 26 AWG coax cable or a high performance 26 AWG coax cable with 1.
When transmitting into a coax cable loss, it increases with frequency and cable length.
The portable laptop computer can be plugged into an inexpensive ethernet line - also known as a phone-line connection - and a single video coax cable to feed a monitor.