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coax 1

v. coaxed, coax·ing, coax·es
1. To persuade or try to persuade by pleading or flattery; cajole.
2. To obtain by persistent persuasion: coaxed the secret out of the child.
3. Obsolete To caress; fondle.
4. To move to or adjust toward a desired end: "A far more promising approach to treating advanced melanoma is to coax the immune system to recognize melanoma cells as deadly" (Natalie Angier).
To use persuasion or inducement.

[Obsolete cokes, to fool, from cokes, fool.]

coax′er n.
coax′ing·ly adv.

co·ax 2

 (kō′ăks, kō-ăks′)
n. Informal
A coaxial cable.
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Noun1.coaxer - someone who tries to persuade by blandishment and coaxing
persuader, inducer - someone who tries to persuade or induce or lead on
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Looking for a duck coaxer or goose beckoner is a breeze online, with calls broken down by brand, style and even species.
Tom, Coventry Words for the whip They don't know what to call it now - a whip or a coaxer.
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