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Having or mounted on a common axis.


(kəʊˈæksɪəl) or


1. (Mathematics) having or being mounted on a common axis
2. (Mathematics) geometry (of a set of circles) having all the centres on a straight line
3. (Electronics) electronics formed from, using, or connected to a coaxial cable


(koʊˈæk si əl)

also co•ax•al


having a common axis or coincident axes.
co•ax′i•al•ly, adv.
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Adj.1.coaxial - having a common axis
concentric, concentrical, homocentric - having a common center; "concentric rings"


[ˌkəʊˈæksɪəl] ADJcoaxial
coaxial cable (Comput) → cable m coaxial
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In recent years the disposable needles such as freehand and coaxial under ultrasonography guidance were replaced the use of Franklin-Modified Vim- Silverman needle under fluoroscopy [5].
S represented the largest market for coaxial cables with a market share of 59.
The passive components of a coaxial resonator suitable at low frequencies are widely utilized because of the increasing use of vacuum high-power components.
More specifically, three-dimensional coaxial transitions have been highly useful by assisting in the development of compact multi-layer transmit/receiving systems.
The enormously significant 1991 DeWitte [1] double oneway 1st order in [upsilon]/c experiment successfully measured the anisotropy of the speed of light using clocks at each end of the RF coaxial cables.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-28 August 2008-Sumitomo Electric announces development of new coaxial laser diode module(C)1994-2008 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.
Adding an additional TV point requires a coaxial cable being wired to the socket and connected to your aerial amplifier or splitter unit.
It is also the world's largest manufacturer of coaxial cable for Hybrid Fiber Coaxial applications.
The RGB62 series contains six miniature coaxial elements with two balanced audio pairs, while the RGB644 series contains six miniature coaxial elements with four balanced audio pairs and four power conductors.
CopperGate Communications, a developer of chipset solutions for home networking, and Ucentric Systems, a leading provider of home media networking software for the digital home, has announced a joint Internet Protocol (IP) network solution for delivering whole-home entertainment applications using existing coaxial cable and phone lines.
We predipped the eight semi-rigid coaxial cables several times in liquid helium before sample probe assembly to minimize Teflon insulation flow during cooldown.