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cob·ble 1

1. A cobblestone.
2. Geology A rock fragment between 64 and 256 millimeters in diameter, especially one that has been naturally rounded.
3. cobbles See cob coal.
tr.v. cob·bled, cob·bling, cob·bles
To pave with cobblestones.

[Short for cobblestone.]

cob·ble 2

tr.v. cob·bled, cob·bling, cob·bles
1. To make or mend (boots or shoes).
2. To put together clumsily; bungle: cobbled a plan together at the last minute.

[Probably back-formation from cobbler.]
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[ˈkɒbld] ADJ cobbled streetcalle f empedrada, calle f adoquinada
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[ˈkɒbəld] adj [street, yard] → pavé(e)
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[ˈkɒbld] adj cobbled streetstrada pavimentata con ciottoli
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References in classic literature ?
for theatres and newspapers, and the rumble of omnibuses on the cobbled pavements?'
So the palmer was persuaded; and Robin put on the old man's hat, which stood full high in the crown; and his cloak, patched with black and blue and red, like Joseph's coat of many colors in its old age; and his breeches, which had been sewed over with so many patterns that the original was scarce discernible; and his tattered hose; and his shoes, cobbled above and below.
When they got out of the Gare du Nord, and trundled along the cobbled streets in a ramshackle, noisy cab, it seemed to him that he was breathing a new air so intoxicating that he could hardly restrain himself from shouting aloud.
Through the wide open window floated in the various sounds of the little country town, the rumbling of heavy carts passing along the cobbled streets, the shrill greetings of neighbors and acquaintances meeting upon the sidewalk.
The wide Embankment which had had room for cannonballs and squadrons, had now shrunk to a cobbled lane steaming with smells of malt and oil and blocked by waggons.
They crossed the cobbled street and made their way to the dock.
In 1948, Mrs Exell had been walking from Old Hall Street along Tithebarn Street, when she saw what looked like an 18th century styled house with a cobbled forecourt.
Once again starting in the heart of Birmingham city centre, the new and improved closed-road route will take riders through the heart of 2021 Capital of Culture city Coventry, where they will cycle on the cobbled roads surrounding the historic Cathedral.
The beautiful cobbled streets around the church of the Holy Rude, which dates back to 1129, have been repaired by the cheapest and most unsightly way possible with black tar poured over the cobbles.
On cobbled streets and cobbled lanes, so shone the light through morning rain.
Stockton Council is responsible for the upkeep of the high street's cobbled parking area.