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cob·ble 1

1. A cobblestone.
2. Geology A rock fragment between 64 and 256 millimeters in diameter, especially one that has been naturally rounded.
3. cobbles See cob coal.
tr.v. cob·bled, cob·bling, cob·bles
To pave with cobblestones.

[Short for cobblestone.]

cob·ble 2

tr.v. cob·bled, cob·bling, cob·bles
1. To make or mend (boots or shoes).
2. To put together clumsily; bungle: cobbled a plan together at the last minute.

[Probably back-formation from cobbler.]
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pl n
1. (Mining & Quarrying) coal in small rounded lumps
2. (Civil Engineering) cobblestones
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References in classic literature ?
Again I understand it all!" Anna said to herself, as soon as the carriage had started and swaying lightly, rumbled over the tiny cobbles of the paved road, and again one impression followed rapidly upon another.
No more barricades of flagstones--no more assaulting his Majesty's troops with cobbles. I cannot feel friendly toward my quondam fellow-American, Napoleon III., especially at this time,--[July, 1867.]--when in fancy I see his credulous victim, Maximilian, lying stark and stiff in Mexico, and his maniac widow watching eagerly from her French asylum for the form that will never come--but I do admire his nerve, his calm self-reliance, his shrewd good sense.
They sell 'em at auction, an' they're good for years an' years, only no good on the cobbles any more."
They struck at each other, clinched, and rolled over on the cobble stones.
But I have patients amongst the seafaring population of West Colebrook, and, unofficially, I am informed that very early that morning two brothers, who went down to look after their cobble hauled up on the beach, found, a good way from Brenzett, an ordinary ship's hencoop lying high and dry on the shore, with eleven drowned ducks inside.
I also remember thinking the cobbles wouldn't be doing my stiletto heels much good!" Mary walked across the cobbles, but when she looked back, they - and the old house - had vanished.
Ashley Coventry DOWN TO COVENTRY FOR THE COBBLES 30-45 MILES Once through mile-30 the route drops down towards Coventry city centre, giving a nice welcome break from the previous ups and downs and meandering lanes.
It appears someone took a nasty tumble on the cobbles by the canal towpath in Castlefield last week, suffering serious facial injuries.
The beautiful cobbled streets around the church of the Holy Rude, which dates back to 1129, have been repaired by the cheapest and most unsightly way possible with black tar poured over the cobbles. That's before we get round to the littering which has reached epidemic proportions around the streets and roads of our area.
REPAIR work to Yarm's historic cobbles has been branded an "insult to the heritage of the town".