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1. Nautical A small flatbottom fishing boat with a lugsail on a raking mast.
2. Scots A kind of flatbottom rowboat.

[Middle English cobel, perhaps ultimately from Latin caupulus, a kind of small ship.]


(ˈkəʊbəl; ˈkɒbəl)
(Nautical Terms) Scot and Northern English a small single-masted flat-bottomed fishing boat
[C13: probably of Celtic origin; compare Welsh ceubal skiff]
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Staying too long to haul their lines, too far out with an impending storm, one coble tried to make its way into the River Blyth.
Survivors include two children, Tom Franks and Kim Franks Matthews and husband George; seven grandchildren, Ryan (Ashley) Franks, Amanda (Charles) Holland, Liz (Joey) Pilcher, Walker (Charli) Franks, Tyler (Andy) Buck, Allie (Edward) Coble and Jemison Matthews; 18 great-grandchildren, Will Holland, Graham Holland, Jack Holland, Elle, Cece, Parker and Saige Franks, Fin, Saylor and Coy Pilcher, Perry, Graye, Harris and Rowen Franks, Walker and Hattie Buck, and Clara Jane and George Coble; and daughter-in-law, Nanette Franks.
Coble Studios cordially invites you into the spotlight at the studio's grand opening on Thursday, August 31st from 6 PM to 8 PM.
RNLI volunteers battled "rough" conditions on the River Tees to capture a coble.
The articles Coble cites read not like news pieces but editorials, whose purpose was not to inform but to lead public opinion.
Gulls follow in the wake of the coble (a type of fishing boat), above, as skipper Bobby Allen brings her back into Whitby harbour.
A 'must' for the growing legion of Colleen Coble fans, it must be noted for personal reading lists that "Mermaid Moon" is also available in a Kindle edition ($8.
Coble, 70, has been building his elaborate bird homes for years, mostly giving them as gifts to family and friends.
Wells Fargo bank (NYSE: WBC) has announced the appointment of veteran banker, Scott Coble, as lead region president for Florida.
Retired sculptor Tom Newstead, from Seaton Sluice, has used wood from a fishing coble which sank at the village harbour to create a Rocking Hare, which he hopes to send to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge for their new arrival.