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Noun1.cocain - a narcotic (alkaloid) extracted from coca leavescocain - a narcotic (alkaloid) extracted from coca leaves; used as a surface anesthetic or taken for pleasure; can become powerfully addictive
basuco - low-grade cocaine mixed with coca paste and cannabis
coca - dried leaves of the coca plant (and related plants that also contain cocaine); chewed by Andean people for their stimulating effect
nose candy, coke, snow, blow, C - street names for cocaine
crack cocaine, tornado, crack - a purified and potent form of cocaine that is smoked rather than snorted; highly addictive
hard drug - a narcotic that is considered relatively strong and likely to cause addiction
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Brown developed a dangerous condition, a s face d in on ne ate him usin of fourbegan he condi and his collapsed itself as the cocain away at cartilage in his n His drug use also left paranoid.
Another operation on the Algerian-Moroccan borders resultedi n the arrest of three persons with 320 gms of cocain, said the statement.
His new strategy will include a tougher focus on crack, cocain, heroin and ecstasy - and he urged the country's police forces to copy a massive Merseyside crackdown on dealers.
By contrast, a study that reflected the effect of the larger culture on the behaviors of individuals examined racial differences in the use of crack cocain (Lillie-Blanton, Anthony, and Schuster, 1993).