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 (kō′kär-sĭn′ə-jən, kō-kär′sĭn-ə-jĕn′)
A substance or factor that will not promote cancer by itself but can potentiate cancer when acting with carcinogenic agents.

co·car′cin·o·gen′ic (-sə-nə-jĕn′ĭk) adj.


(ˌkəʊkɑːˈsɪnədʒən; ˌkəʊˈkɑːsɪnəˌdʒɛn)
a substance that can promote cancer when acting with other substances, but which does not promote cancer by itself
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The animal model studies were repeated in mice and hamsters to evaluate the potential of the SV40 virus as a carcinogen as well as a cocarcinogen, when tested in combination with asbestos, to cause MM.
Protective effect of the isoflavonoid equol against hairless mouse skin carcinogenesis induced by UV radiation alone or with a chemical cocarcinogen.
In addition, arsenic as a carcinogen acts by inducing DNA hypomethylation to compliment devious gene expressions, and thus was regarded as a cocarcinogen or promoter of carcinogenesis [40].
Surh YJ, Lee SS: Capsaicin in hot chilli pepper: carcinogen, cocarcinogen or anticarcinogen.
Researchers also have no clear understanding of the potential mechanisms through which alcohol might act as a cocarcinogen at these sites (IARC 1988; Doll et al.
Identification of cytomegalovirus as a carcinogen, cocarcinogen, or simply a passenger in these disease states is still under investigation.