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Shaped like or resembling a coccus; spherical.
A coccoid microorganism.


(ˈkɒk ɔɪd)

also coc•coi′dal,

resembling a coccus; globular.
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Adj.1.coccoid - spherical; like a coccus; "a coccoid microorganism"
circular, round - having a circular shape
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Coccoid bacteria and multifocal, black-brown foreign body particles were observed.
The 36 % reduction in P agardhii biomass in the aphotic zone at PC (October 2007) favored increases in coccoid cyanobacteria biomass in the functional groups M and K.
Coccoid eukatyotic marine ultraplankters with four different HPLC pigment signatures.
Comparative characteristics of strains KOR-3, 4, -5, and -6 isolated from an anaerobic digester that uses pig slurry Characteristics KOR-3 KOR-4 KOR-5 KOR-6 Gram staining - - - - Cell morphology Coccoid Coccoid Coccoid Coccoid Cell width (pm) 0.
Moderate multifocal infiltrate and diffuse congestion were observed in numerous organs; in the lungs, there were extent multifocal areas with severe infiltrates with heterophils and macrophages, associated with coccoid and bacillary bacterial myriads, cellular debris, and blackened granular material filling the parabronchial lumen.
The well-known, ultrasmall, L-transformed, branched, coccoid, non-acid resistant and other forms are not only the result of adaptation of the pathogen to the immune system, or the action of chemotherapeutic agents but also a natural stage, when the classical "Koch's Bacillus" is just one of the stages of the life cycle of the causative agent of tuberculosis [9].
Further, blood smear examination of epistaxis dogs revealed small coccoid shaped intracellular rickettsial organisms and morula stage in monocytes of 8/9 dogs, suggesting the cause of epistaxis.
Role of PCR in Helicobacter pylori diagnostics and research--new approaches for study of coccoid and spiral forms of the bacteria.
A: colony on Nutrient Agar plate, B: colony on Nutrient Agar slant, C: rod shape, Gram negative, 16 h on Nutrien Broth, D: coccoid shape, Gram positive, 3 days on Nutrient Broth), M=1000x.
Determination of some characteristics coccoid forms of lactic acid bacteria isolated from Turkish kefirs with natural probiotic.
In addition, coccoid forms present better competition than filamentous forms when the euphotic zone increases (low turbidity) (Whitton and Potts, 2000), as observed for Chroococcus turgidus dominance in August.