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n. coccigodinia, dolor en la región coccígea.
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In addition, the ganglion impar block can be applied for pelvic cancer pain, coccydynia, and perineal pain conditions.[8,46,50,51] Intravesical injection of local anesthetics, botulinum toxin and hyaluronic acid may be used in the treatment of refractory bladder pain syndrome.[52]
A The pain you are describing sounds like it may be coccydynia: pain in the coccyx (tailbone) due to inflammation that may well be related to your accident.
TABLE Differential diagnosis for pelvic pain Organ system Differential diagnosis Musculoskeletal * Abdominal wall pain * Pelvic floor * Myofascial pain tension myalgia * Fibromyalgia * Osteitis pubis * Coccydynia * Levator ani syndrome * Abdominal wall hernia Urologic * Interstitial cystitis * Nephrolithiasis Gastrointestinal * Inflammatory * Chronic bowel disease constipation * Irritable bowel disease * Chronic * Chronic constipation pseudo-obstruction Psychologic * Sexual abuse history * Depression * Opiate dependency * Somatization Gynecologic * Fibroid uterus * Adenomyosis (excluding * Ovarian remnant * Pelvic adhesion endometriosis) syndrome * Pelvic inflammatory disease
Coccydynia, or coccygodynia, is pain in the region of the coccyx.
Maigne, "Treatment strategies for coccydynia," in Proceedings of the Musculoskeletal Science in Practice (12th International Congress of FIMM), 1998.
(14) Other studies on the use of DPT for specific low back conditions, including sacroiliac joint pain, (24,25) coccydynia, (26) and degenerative disc disease, (27) have shown trends toward improvement in pain scores (24-27) and disability, (25) but only one of these was a randomized controlled trial (RCT).
It has been reported to provide more than 50% decrease in pain scores for a period longer than two months in benign chronic cases.9 Successful chemical and radiofrequency applications have been documented particularly in chronic coccydynia cases by the transsacrococcygeal technique.5,9,10 This case report documents radiofrequency thermocoagulation application through transsacrococcygeal way following radiologic verification of location of the ganglion on the direction of sacrococcygeal joint in a case of unbearable, unresponsive pain related to colon cancer.
Clinical incidence of backache, sciatica and coccydynia are increasing and its correlation to sacralization is important.
Anita farley, Cumbria A: Often it is not possible to pinpoint precisely what has triggered coccydynia - the term given to a pain in the coccyx, or 'tail bone'.
The sedentary lifestyle of youngsters is leading to arise in the incidence of coccydynia, which is the medical term for pain in the tailbone
(4,5,15,16) Coccydynia was described, often manifesting as pain on pressure with associated neuro-muscular manifestations.18 Other symptoms, depending on the location of the lesion, include limitation of movement, numbness, pain of fingers, neck, upper back, buttock and shoulder stiffness.