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Of or relating to the coccyx: coccygeal vertebra.

[From New Latin coccȳx, coccȳg-, coccyx; see coccyx.]
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Adj.1.coccygeal - of or relating to or near the coccyx


a. coccígeo, rel. al cóccix.
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Blood samples (9 mL) were collected from the coccygeal artery of each cow in heparinized evacuated tubes at approximately 3 h after morning feeding on d 20 of each period.
The authors postulated that the abnormal bone originated embryogenically from the first coccygeal vertebra.
Finally, the Kidney-Bladder distinct meridian couplet can be employed to treat coccygeal and deep axial back pain, especially low thoracic and lumbar pain.
5 mm from the anus Vascular naevus Irregular, vascular macule that blanches on pressure, with a smooth surface [6] Cutaneous haemangioma Proliferative vascular lesions that usually regress spontaneously, often associated with a lipoma [7] Coccygeal pit A sacral dimple, usually within the gluteal crease.
Iohexol (2 mL/kg; Omnipaque 240 mg/mL, GE Healthcare Inc, Princeton, NJ, USA) contrast solution was administered intravenously through the coccygeal vein.
Blood samples were also collected at days +2, +7, +14 and +21 after parturition from the coccygeal vein or artery of each cow into heparinized vacutainers at 0110 h and immediately cooled to 4[degrees]C.
The floor of the true pelvis is created by the pelvic diaphragm (levator ani and coccygeal musculature), through which the anal canal, vagina, and urethra traverse.