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Of or relating to the coccyx: coccygeal vertebra.

[From New Latin coccȳx, coccȳg-, coccyx; see coccyx.]
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Adj.1.coccygeal - of or relating to or near the coccyx
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a. coccígeo, rel. al cóccix.
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These are seven (7) cervical vertebrae, twelve (12) thoracic vertebrae, five (5) lumbar vertebrae, five (5) sacral vertebrae and four (4) coccygeal vertebrae (Gupta et al., 2017).
On d 21 of each period, blood samples were obtained approximately 3 h after morning feeding from coccygeal artery and mammary vein, respectively, into heparinized vacuum tubes, and then centrifuged at 3,000xy for 15 min to obtain plasma, which was stored at -20[degrees]C for later analysis.
(2) Children with coccygeal skin tags often warrant concern because occult spinal dysraphism may be suspected; in addition to skin tags, sacral hemangiomas, dimples, or clusters of hair may also overlie a spinal malformation.
Five ml blood was collected from the coccygeal vein in Vacutainer coated with EDTA (Becton, Dickinson and Co., Franklin Lakes, NJ).
Spinal and Radicular Pain Syndromes of the Lumbar, Sacral, and Coccygeal Regions.
According to the EU-regulation two types of bone separation can be distinguished: "hard separation", which means meat obtained by mechanical means from flesh bearing bones apart from the bones of the head, the extremities of the limbs below the carpal and tarsal joints and, in the case of swine, the coccygeal vertebrae, thus producing high-pressure MDM products and "soft separation", which is the meat obtained mechanically after removal of tendons and connective tissue, thus producing low-pressure MDM products [4,5].
Blood samples were collected from the coccygeal vein, taking a sample volume of 5 mililiter (mL) with a vacuum tube without anticoagulant BD Diagnostics, Mexico.
From the tip of the conus a strand of connective tissue, (filum terminate), extends caudally and attaches to the dorsal surface of the 1st coccygeal vertebra.
Move the tail up and down while locating the fossa between the last sacral vertebra and the first coccygeal vertebra and then between the first and second coccygeal vertebrae (preferred site for mares).
The retrorectal (presacral) region is bordered anteriorly by the rectum, posteriorly by the sacrum and coccyx, superiorly by the peritoneal reflection, inferiorly by the vena cava levator ani and coccygeal muscles, and laterally by the iliac vascular structures and ureter.