coccygeal vertebra

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Noun1.coccygeal vertebra - one of 4 vertebrae in the human coccyx
coccyx, tail bone - the end of the vertebral column in humans and tailless apes
vertebra - one of the bony segments of the spinal column
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From the tip of the conus a strand of connective tissue, (filum terminate), extends caudally and attaches to the dorsal surface of the 1st coccygeal vertebra.
Coccygeal dysgenesis disorder is associated with varying degrees of agenesis/ aplasia of coccygeal vertebra. The 'rat-tail' syndrome (RTS) is a bovine congenital, inherited hypotrichosis characterized by misshaped, curly sparse hair and by missing hairs at the tail switch, which gave the defect its descriptive name (Schalles and Cundiff, 1999).
The base of the first coccygeal vertebra articulates with the sacral apex.
The authors postulated that the abnormal bone originated embryogenically from the first coccygeal vertebra. Today, the most widely accepted theory is that it originates in the mesenchymal stage of bone growth before the sixth week of embryonic development (2).