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also cock·a·leek·ie  (kŏk′ə-lē′kē)
A soup made with chicken broth and leeks.

[Alteration of cockie, diminutive of cock + leekie, diminutive of leek.]
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A few years ago, we invited Off The Ball listeners to suggest Elvis songs with a teuchter twist and this was the top 10 Blue Suede Coos, I Can't Help Falling In Love With Ewe, Jailhouse Cockaleekie Soup, You Ain't Nothing But A Sheepdog, Don't Be Gruel, Crying In The Wee Free Kirk, Heartbreak Overpriced B&B, Wan Fur The Money Twa Fur The Show, It's Cow Or Heiffer and - my favourite - The Wonder Of Uist.
My suspicions increased when I inquired a week ago of my agri-business partner whether a chicken or two 'off the lay' might find its way into the cockaleekie pot for the recent village hall royal wedding feast.
Minestrone, cockaleekie and oxtail are all varieties of what?
Cockaleekie soup - a broth made from chicken, leeks, herbs, spices and rice.
I'm able to make a cockaleekie soup, I'm OK with the haggis and even the bashed neaps.