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An illegal, organized fight between gamecocks, often fitted with metal gaffs, that is arranged as a spectacle.

cock′fight′ing adj. & n.
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Noun1.cockfighting - participation in the sport of matching gamecocks in a cockfightcockfighting - participation in the sport of matching gamecocks in a cockfight
blood sport - sport that involves killing animals (especially hunting)
spar - fight with spurs; "the gamecocks were sparring"


[ˈkɒkˌfaɪtɪŋ] Nla pelea de gallos, peleas fpl de gallos
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AT least one Bahraini has been arrested during a raid on an illegal cockfighting den.
The holding of cockfights on weekends is prohibited under Presidential 449 or the Cockfighting Law and an existing ordinance of the municipality, the court said.
The NCA derby today will validate the Who's Who in the cockfighting circle in the Philippines.
Thai Phany, the nephew-in-law of Prime Minister Hun Sen who is accused of running two large cockfighting rings, has been removed as a general in the Royal Cambodian Armed Forces.
The word 'bulang' means cockfighting in Hiligaynon.
A COVENTRY man found to be part of an illegal cockfighting gang has been sentenced.
A gang of six British-Pakistanis involved in vile cockfighting gang faces jail after detectives uncovered a huge blood-stained fighting pit where cockerels armed with sharpened spurs were pitched against each another in a building where the group had designed a ring complete with seats and fake grass.
SIX members of an illegal cockfighting ring have been found guilty of animal welfare offences.
In this study, a total of 195 cockfighting chickens were evaluated for their morphological data during August 2013 to September 2014.
Manila: Authorities have banned cockfighting for two weeks in the central Philippine province of Luzon, where 37,000 birds have been killed by the avian flu virus on 36 farms since May.
Hard luck, cockfighting, and desperation run through Juan Rulfo's The Golden Cockerel and Other Writings, revealing a gritty and completely engrossing side of Mexico.
The officials explained that although cockfighting per se is not illegal, the presence of betting in OTB sites, where online cockfighting is also shown, makes its operations unregulated and illegal.