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a. The shell of a cockle.
b. A shell similar to that of a cockle.
2. Nautical A small light boat.


1. (Zoology) the shell of the cockle
2. (Zoology) any of the valves of the shells of certain other bivalve molluscs, such as the scallop
3. (Nautical Terms) any small light boat
4. (Ecclesiastical Terms) a badge worn by pilgrims


(ˈkɒk əlˌʃɛl)

1. the shell of a cockle.
2. the shell of any other bivalve mollusk.
3. any light or frail boat.
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Noun1.cockleshell - a small light flimsy boat
small boat - a boat that is small


[ˈkɒklʃel] N
1. (= shell) → concha f de berberecho
2. (= boat) → cascarón m de nuez
References in classic literature ?
Thus, then, did these three worthies embark in their cockleshell of a skiff upon this nocturnal expedition, with a wisdom and valor equaled only by the three wise men of Gotham,[1] who adventured to sea in a bowl.
What queer fellows your fine painters must be, to think that anybody would venture their lives in such a shapeless old cockleshell as that?
Napoleon steps aboard of a little cockleshell, a mere nothing of a skiff, called the Fortune, and in the twinkling of an eye, and in the teeth of the English, who were blockading the place with vessels of the line and cruisers and everything that carries canvas, he lands in France for he always had the faculty of taking the sea at a stride.
Follow the footpath through the dunes to a junction then continue along a cockleshell path for some distance to a wide green track.
After a series of military roles, including The Cockleshell Heroes in 1955, he landed his first horror role for Hammer Films two years later - as The Creature in The Curse of Frankenstein, opposite Peter Cushing.
Mr Arnold said he had been inspired by the memorial to the Cockleshell Heroes, unveiled at Woodside by Lord Paddy Ashdown, the former Lib Dem party leader.
Just like one of the few surviving Cockleshell Heroes became an ice cream man in Birmingham after the war, their efforts were never acknowledged or appreciated.
The diverse lineup opens with THE PRINCESS AND THE MARINE, and features such military-themed favorites as HANOVER STREET, THE NIGHT OF THE GENERALS, THE FOG OF WAR, 1941, THE COCKLESHELL HEROES, and SAHARA.
There were equally splendid beaches at the other islands we visited - like lovely Cockleshell Bay, a $7 taxi ride from the cruise terminal at St Kitts, and Sharp Bay on St Lucia.
Former leader of the UK Liberal Democrats, Ashdown's latest book narrates the history of the 1942 Cockleshell raid, balancing admiration of heroic acts with a historian's questioning of the less glorious aspects of the operation.
Ben, 28, who lost his legs above the knee and suffered brain injuries in Afghanistan, will follow the 75-mile trip of the Cockleshell Heroes.
Also, the repaving of the Cockleshell Bay Road to the Pelican Mall; traversing Sandown Road in Newtown and passing through the Bay Road in Basseterre will be executed.