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1. the soft, diffused light from the sky when the sun is below the horizon, either from daybreak to sunrise or, more commonly, from sunset to nightfall.
2. the period in the morning or, more commonly, in the evening during which this light prevails.
3. a terminal period, esp. after full development, success, etc.
4. a state of uncertainty, vagueness, or gloom.
5. of or resembling twilight; dim; obscure.
[1375–1425; late Middle English; see twi-, light1]
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Wasps players Fran Williams and Sophia Candappa with netballers from Turves Green Girls' School, President Kennedy School, Erdington Academy, Cockshut Hill School and Starbank School
Matthew Bowater, of Cockshut Hill, in Yardley, recorded the refuse workers on CCTV as their truck drove past his home and stopped a few doors away.
1pm Great Get Together launch, at Cockshut Hill School, Birmingham, in memory of murdered MP Jo Cox.
COCKSHUT Hill School has been accredited as a Level 1 Rights Respecting School.
We have been together since we were 19 but even from the beginning we often talked about having a family," said Anna, who works at Cockshut Hill Secondary school in Yardley.
Friends and family paid tribute to the victim yesterday and flowers were left outside the Dovecote pub in Cockshut Hill, Birmingham.
45pm on Friday at the Dovecote pub in Cockshut Hill.
Powerhorse #1 with small wagon $12,500; Powerhorse 42 with 2-seat buggy $15,000; Powerhorse #3 with 1-seat buggy; $15,000 Power-horse #4 first prototype with 2-wheel cart $20,000; 1962 Ford-model 2000 with blade and one armed front end loader $4,500; Farmall Cub with hydraulic blade $3,500; Allis-Chalmers-C $1,200; Allis-Chalmers-B with belly blade $3000; 1948 Cockshut with front end loader $3500; 1906 IH 12 hp Famous $12,500; 4 hp Witte $3500; 2 Detroit 2-stroke on one display $3500; Ideal air cooled hit and miss $1500; Waterloo Wonder 2 1/2hp $1200; Cement mixer with Stover 2 1/2hp $1500; Fairbanks type-T $3500.
Machann further explains his methodology by noting that although Cockshut may declare that autobiography and memoirs are theorethically distinct, he thinks "it seems reasonable to allow for the 'impurity' of the genre (as we do for the novel), which is made up of books, not isolated passages" (3).
THE best results for five years" is where Cockshut Hill School begins the academic year 2016-17.
The council also claimed Perry Beeches V could jeopardise failing schools in the area, including Cockshut Hill College, The International School, Small Heath School & Sixth Form College and Oldknow Academy - which are all in special measures.
Aldhouse, a former Cockshut Hill Secondary School pupil, has a month to appeal the sentence.