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 (kŏk′tēz′) or cock·teas·er (-tē′zər)
n. Vulgar Slang
A person who intentionally arouses a male sexually but chooses not to have sex with him.
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Girls who resist sex are stigmatized by their peers as "frigid, cocktease, and lesbian."(279) Thus, girls experience a double-bind situation in which "options are reduced to a very few and all of them expose one to penalty, censure or deprivation."(280)
Anne is "an animatronic cocktease" who "looks like a librarian's corpse, but less lively," says Rebel.
Haze mere or filie; people-pleaser, cocktease , she-bear, in niqab, in getup, in stays ; having taken Saint Paul's advice to seize the gold ring: Who groks to the paradox?
("A cocktease," grumped his disgruntled harassers, who were legion.) At one point, he thought of calling this book Cautionary Tales.
Gaz sums up the group's wide-eyed, open-mouthed stares by saying, "The lunch box has landed." It is this same look of dumbfounded incredulity and awe that the characters in Boogie Nights display when they see Dirk's penis, and the same technique of performing a cocktease on the audience.