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The floor was bare of linoleum, and two square pieces of frayed coconut matting hardly covered the space on either side of the bed.
Tony Sykes, managing director of CAD Recycling, said: "Forty two bales of coconut matting went up in flames or are made useless by being saturated in water, so whatever is left will sadly have to go for landfill.
And it's not just arches we've fallen under - we've slipped across train station concourses, got stuck to sheets of loo paper and trapped in marquee coconut matting, and of course, had lots of fun sinking backwards into grass.
The rich gravy was a handy way of adding moisture to the chicken, but it couldn't wholly compensate for what was such a hard bird it was like cutting into coconut matting.
The diminutive caretaker would put down his mop and perform the complicated set exercises, perfectly, whilst still in his overalls." It was over 60 years ago that Stan Booth (Mike's Dad), an ex-Paratrooper, started teaching basic vaulting and agility on coconut matting in the tiny Crow Lane School hall in Milnsbridge.
We had no carpets but we had coconut matting and certainly no vacuum cleaner.
Greene said: "He just seemed to slip on the bend and we parted company after crossing the coconut matting they put down on the road crossing."
Davies said: "There is now three quarters of an inch of rubber matting underneath the coconut matting on all the roads.
The guests [who included the US secretary of state, Condoleezza Rice, the wife of President George Bush, Laura, 15 heads of state from Africa and dozens of prime ministers] gathered in the grounds of the Capitol Building and sat on white plastic chairs with coconut matting to protect them from the sun and the rain.
A bit of bambooand coconut matting is fine when the sun shines, but these are the poor souls whose lives are ruined, even lostwhen a storm blows.
Though I've seen an alarming uptake at work in the numbers of people chewing determinedly on oatcake, Ryvitas and coconut matting. Everyone wants to put in minimum effort to achieve maximum results.