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coco plum

or co·co·plum  (kō′kō-plŭm′)
1. A tropical American evergreen shrub or small tree (Chrysobalanus icaco) having sweet pink to purple fruit used to make jellies and preserves.
2. The fruit of this plant.

[Alteration of Spanish icaco, from Arawak ikaku.]
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1. (Plants) a tropical shrub, Chrysobalanus icaco
2. (Plants) the fruit of this shrub
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Dubbed Casa Costanera, the estate spans 1.3 acres in the affluent Cocoplum community.
Steve also explained how they used the ''useless'' cocoplum tree to stabilise land after deforestation and it has now run wild and become hugely invasive.
Or the cocoplum, which has seed kernels you can eat like "delicious-tasting nuts" The sea grape produces fruit that's used in jams and jellies and can even be fermented into wine.
The nest collected in 2012 measured 12 x 15 cm and was situated at a height of about 6 m on a cocoplum tree, Chrysobalanus icaco Linnaeus (Chrysobalanaceae).
The South Florida home to see the biggest price cut today is a landmark six-bedroom, five-bathroom house at 325 Cocoplum Road in Coral Gables, according to data from Condo Vultures Realty.