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Noun1.code flag - one of an international code of flag signals used between shipscode flag - one of an international code of flag signals used between ships
signal flag, flag - a rectangular piece of fabric used as a signalling device
blue peter - a blue flag with a white square in the center indicates that the vessel is ready to sail
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Peter Burke, Mr Bishop's grandson, said: "The message was hidden in each individual semaphore code flag; he put each flag in a particular order to tell us a story.
This miniature flag must be either the international maritime alphabet code flag 'A' or the all-red rectangular flag with a white 'mast-head' diagonal white stripe.
Have them find out more about what each International Code flag means (e.g., (O) Man overboard) (W) I require medical assistance!
* 12.50pm--10 minute warning signal, with Code flag W hoisted and cannon fired
A further signal (Code flag X) and a sound signal (from the individual start lines) may indicate premature starter(s) (OCS--On Course Side) by individual yachts, which must return and re-start.
12:50 hours (13.50pm) - 10 minute warning signal - Code flag W hoisted and cannon bred.
13:00 hours hours (1.oopm)--starting signal--Code flag" W and Code flag P dropped and cannon fired.
In the event of a premature start a sound signal and code flag X will instruct offending boats to return and re-start.