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1. Mutually dependent.
2. Of or relating to a relationship in which one person is psychologically dependent in an unhealthy way on someone who is addicted to a drug or self-destructive behavior, such as chronic gambling.
One who is codependent or in a codependent relationship.

co′de·pen′dence, co′de·pen′den·cy n.
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n codependencia
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Watching Marriott Theatre's premiere of "Darling Grenadine," a grown-up musical about addiction, attraction and codependency, I couldn't help thinking how the central character an alcoholic named Harry who gets along and (mostly) gets a pass from those around him recalled my relative.
She also works in the medical center's Chemical Dependency Department where she treats patients challenged by trauma, chemical dependency, codependency and dual diagnosis.
Fixation on the blame game of bilateral trade imbalances overlooks the possibility that this is a classic struggle of codependency. Yes, China has long relied on the US as the major source of external demand for its export-led economy.
The purpose of the visit is to engage the family and provide access to resources (family codependency, family intervention and/or family support group) and to encourage the individual to enter treatment.
She is fresh off a breakup with her ex-girlfriend and has some codependency issues.
The next article in this issue is "Song, Sound and Mantra: Therapeutic Applications in Healing from Codependency" by Gina M.
I drew from experience in my own life, and I researched a lot about codependency and alcoholism.
Addiction used to be considered a moral failing, and the family was blamed for keeping the relative with addictions sick, through behaviors labeled "codependency" and "enabling." The opioid epidemic can take credit for putting a serious dent in these destructive and stigmatizing notions.
As the reactive pathology of codependency would suggest, none of these countries can be expected to acquiesce to such measures without curtailing US access to their markets - a counter-response that could severely undermine the manufacturing revival that seems so central to the Trump presidency's promise to "Make America Great Again".
The concept of codependency originally described certain types of behavior manifested by relatives and friends of people addicted to alcohol (Biscarra, 2010).
* Diverse educational groups including trauma resolution, healthy boundaries, codependency, grief/loss and anger management
Lesly Devereaux has released her long awaited book, Breaking Codependency: How to Navigate the Traps That Sabotage Your Life.