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Noun1.codetalker - a secret agent who was one of the Navajos who devised and used a code based on their native language; the code was unbroken by the Japanese during World War II
intelligence agent, intelligence officer, operative, secret agent - a person secretly employed in espionage for a government
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Just to hammer things home, Ben has a friend, older fellow codetalker Charlie (Roger Willie) to whom outgoing good old boy Ox (Christian Slater) is assigned.
After that Native Americans began to learn about it like everyone else and the codetalkers were able to step forward, and people would say that they never knew their husband or father or grandfather was a codetalker.
Comanche Codetalker survivors Forest Kassanavoid, Charles Chibitty and Roderick Red Elk were each presented with the French Award Knight of the National Order of Merit,byThe Honorable Pierre Messmer, Governor General of France Overseas Territories.
The orders are not to let the codetalker fall into enemy hands at any cost.
Navajo guides, silversmiths, weavers, storytellers and Codetalkers brought the culture and history of Navajo to life for visitors.
The Native American Codetalkers never made a mistake in transmission nor were their codes broken.
Flag and patriotism, doughboys, WWII posters, women during wartime, the Vietnam Memorial Wall; an Oklahoma Vietnam hero and POW; the 45th Infantry (Thunderbird Division); the Oklahoma Army and Air National Guard and Codetalkers.