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 (kŏd′ĭ-fī′, kō′də-)
tr.v. cod·i·fied, cod·i·fy·ing, cod·i·fies
1. To organize or arrange systematically, especially in writing: "Arguments for the existence of God have been codified for centuries by theologians" (Richard Dawkins).
2. To establish or express in a conventional form or standard formulation: "The unification of motion and rest ... was proposed by Galileo and codified in Newton's first law of motion" (Lee Smolin).
3. To turn (a common law requirement or practice) into law.

cod′i·fi·ca′tion (-fĭ-kā′shən) n.
cod′i·fi′er n.
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Adj.1.codified - enacted by a legislative body; "statute law"; "codified written laws"
written - systematically collected and written down; "written laws"
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Although popular, these classes also did not result in a codified jazz technique and therefore are no longer practiced.
The new system means the breakdown in uniformity of an international system that has been fairly straightforward since 1929, when it was codified as the Warsaw Convention.
Regrettably, codifying the economic substance doctrine would further complicate and confuse the system and undermine not only legitimate tax planning but also the courts' willingness and ability to apply other judicial doctrines in the event the codified rule does not reach a particular type of transaction.
Also, the color of each individual piece is codified on the basis of its form (e.
Doubleday might have been the first to return fire, but Alexander Cartwright codified the rules of baseball.
It is not rigidly codified or elaborately choreographed, and there is no tilting.
Eizenstat asserted that heftier penalties, a codified economic substance test, and heightened practitioner standards were necessary to affect "both the supply and the demand sides" of abusive transactions.
Screenwriters Roger Holzberg and Tim Cahill have codified a school of subjects into a seamless lesson on underwater life: In essence, ``The Living Sea'' is akin to an introductory course on oceanography, one that instills one with both an appreciation of the ocean's life-giving powers as well as a respect for its terrible forces.
Kasuma's polka dots, those that appear in her soft sculptures or in her vertiginous installations multiplied by mirrored surfaces, constitute a strategy of light from the codified crystallizations of the ego.