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tr.v. co·di·rect·ed, co·di·rect·ing, co·di·rects
To direct (a play, film, or other form of public entertainment) jointly with another or others.

co·di·rect′or n.


vb (tr)
to direct jointly
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relatively minor offenses"--such as disrupting class, disobeying the teacher, or dressing inappropriately--explains Indiana University researcher Brea Perry, who codirected the study with Edward Morris of the University of Kentucky.
The theatre has the capacity to surprise and this production, codirected by Kate Wilkins and Sarah McLane, does just that.
Jones, 74, who directed Monty Python's Life of Brian and Monty Python's The Meaning of Life, and codirected Monty Python and the Holy Grail with Terry Gilliam, is suffering from primary progressive aphasia, which affects his ability to communicate.
To mark the onset of the Shakespeare 400 festival, 39 secondyear students from the English department went to see an RSC production of A Midsummer Night's Dream at the Bradford Alhambra, codirected by former student Sophie Ivatts.
Robin Torrence, an archaeologist at the Australian Museum in Sydney who codirected the work in New Britain, says Lipo's new study can't definitively rule out the use of mata'a as weapons.
A in Returning to the o the UK, he joined Willow Management, codirected by Warwick Davis.
Patrick Hughes codirected the film with his friend John Gillespie from Glasgow.
Salt of the Earth, a new Sony Pictures Classics doc narrated and codirected by Wim Wenders, is a somber retrospective of the prodigious photographer Sebastiao Salgado rendered, fittingly, in black and white.
Bhoothnath Returns , costarring Boman Irani and National Award winning Marathi actress Usha Jadhav, is directed by Nitesh Tiwani who earlier codirected Chillar Party .
She was a long-time leader of the Pacific Southwest Chapter, including 3 years as its president-elect or president, and she codirected the popular Asilomar Conference four times.
Fittingly, Baker's previous two films, 2004's "Take Out," about an illegal Chinese immigrant, which he co-wrote and codirected with Tsou Shih-Ching, and 2008's "Prince of Broadway," about an African American street salesman, were both nominees for the Independent Spirits' John Cassavetes Award.
He has served as codirector of short courses for both the American Society of Clinical Pathology and the United States and Canadian Academy of Pathology (USCAP); worked with Anna-Luise Katzenstein, MD, to develop a course for practicing pathologists entitled Pathology of the Lung; codirected the USCAP Diagnostic Pathology week-long, summer course; collaborated with his friend, mentor, and colleague Krishnan Unni, MD, for more than a decade as codirector of the Mayo Clinic's Practical Surgical Pathology courses; served for 13 years as member, short course coordinator, and chair of the USCAP Education Committee; was codirector of the 2011 USCAP Long Course; and currently chairs the USCAP's Innovative Educational Products Committee (IEPC).