codling moth

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codling moth

A small grayish moth (Cydia pomonella) whose larvae are destructive to various fruits, especially apples.

codling moth


codlin moth

(Animals) a tortricid moth, Carpocapsa pomonella, the larvae of which are a pest of apples

cod′ling moth`

a small olethreutid moth, Carpocapsa pomonella, the larvae of which feed on the pulp of apples and other fruits.
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Noun1.codling moth - a small grey moth whose larvae live in apples and English walnutscodling moth - a small grey moth whose larvae live in apples and English walnuts
tortricid, tortricid moth - any of numerous small moths having lightly fringed wings; larvae are leaf rollers or live in fruits and galls
Carpocapsa, genus Carpocapsa - codling moths
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Codling moth is generally the key tortricid pest of pome fruit orchards, and growers use a greater density of traps for this species than other tortricid leafrollers (Knight 2008).
Rot and grey mould may attack strawberry beds, codling moths could invade apple and plum trees, while aphids, carrot fly and slugs and snails will undoubtedly be doing their utmost to munch through our precious crops.
The importance of pheromone trap density and trap maintenance for the development of standardized monitoring procedures for the codling moth (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae).
The codling moth (Cydia pomonella Linnaeus, 1758) is a polyphagous pest of global agricultural importance (Neven and Hansen, 2010).
The virus is a potent biopesticide, exacting an ugly toll on codling moth larvae that ingest it, but it is harmless to nonhost insects, fish, wildlife, livestock, pets, and humans.
25, the enforcement agent set codling moth traps and discovered a heavy infestation.
Parasitoids of codling moth and other leafrollers (Lepidotera, Tortricidae) in apple orchards and forests in south-west Switzerland.
If this has happened to your crop, set some pheromone traps, which detect when adult codling moths are active and likely to be laying eggs.
By examining the DNA of insects in the feces, we provide the first molecular assessment of diet for this bat and determine whether the big brown bat is eating any prey of economic concern, especially pests of apples, such as the codling moth, oriental fruit moth, and plum curculio.
The chalky barrier helps protect apples from plum curculio, codling moth, apple maggot, apple sawfly and other pests, as well as from sunburn and heat stress.
It is frass you find at the calyx end of an apple when codling moth larvae are at work.